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The Psychology of Political Communication: Politicians under the Microscope

BULL, P. & WADDLE, M. (in press, 2023). Routledge. See:
The Psychology of Journalism
COEN, S & BULL, P. (2021). New York: Oxford, University Press. [ISBN: 9780190935856 (hardback)]

"It is sometimes said that two varieties of journalism education vie for supremacy at higher academic levels. Commonly known as a contest between the "green eyeshades" and the "chi-squares," the contest conjures images of old-time city editors and quantitatively oriented social scientists duking it out for the hearts and minds of yet-uncommitted graduate students. To the extent that these images have any validity, the "chi squares" have gained a valuable new asset in this volume. Edited by Coen (Univ. of Salford) and Bull (Universities of York, Salford, and Antwerp), this excellent collection of 12 contributed essays, some coauthored by the editors, presents an overview of the scholarly literature on every aspect of psychological process related to the production and consumption of news" (Choice).

The Microanalysis of Political Communication: Claptrap and Ambiguity
BULL, P. (2003). (Routledge International Series in Social Psychology). London: Psychology Press. [ISBN: 0-415-27382-X]

"The subject of the volume consists of politicians' behaviour at party conferences and during television interviews, in relation to reactions by the audience and by journalists. This subject is certainly exciting, original and the book is written with much scientific precision and with common sense......... it makes a significant contribution to the classical and important domain of propaganda studies" (Journal of Language and Social Psychology)

Communication under the Microscope: The Theory and Practice of Microanalysis
BULL, P. (2002). London: Psychology Press. [ISBN: 0-415-04688-2 (paper); 0-415-04687-4 (hardback)]

" extremely valuable and original piece of work for any student, scholar and researcher interested in the huge fields of social interaction and natural-language communication" (Journal of Language and Social Psychology)

"...blessedly compact, readily read, refreshingly untrendy" (Social Psychology Review)